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Geode Weddings Are Amazing!

If you are like most brides out there, you dream of a wedding that is unique from every single point of view – an event that will surprise your guests and stick to their memories for the years to come.

Of course, it all starts with choosing a special wedding theme – and geode-inspired weddings are a very popular choice right now.

How to create a geode inspired wedding? We have some ideas for you – so keep on reading if you want to find your inspiration.

  • The stationery. Geode-inspired stationery is much easier to pull off than it may appear. Basically, you just have to decide on a specific geode pattern and colors, and use that as the background for your wedding invitations, as well as the day-of stationery. Of course, you should also make sure to pick a font that works with all of this (and doesn’t make it look too “crowded”).
  • The ceremony backdrop. Why not adorn your ceremony backdrop (or simply the backdrop of your sweethearts table at the reception) with a geode-inspired sign? Aside from the actual design, you could also make use of a cute pun – such as “You are my rock”. This is guaranteed to make people smile when they see it!
  • The table décor. You can, of course, use actual geodes to decorate the table. But why not make them even more interesting by painting the table numbers on them? This is a low-key, elegant, and beautiful way of adding personality to your entire table décor and coordinating everything into the big theme of your Big Day.
  • The centerpieces. Another great way to incorporate the geode motif into your wedding table décor is by using geode inspired book holders for your book-based centerpieces. This idea is perfect for couples who like to read and who would like to bring their favorite books into the décor of their wedding day, as part of their own story. A pair of geode bookends can instantly uplift this type of centerpiece, make it look more elegant, more interesting, and more in tune with the actual wedding theme.

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