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Fun Wedding Ideas You’re Bound to Love

Your wedding is a very unique moment in your life – so it’s only natural that you want to turn this into a real show, the kind of event that people will always remember fondly, with a huge smile on their faces.

Obviously, the décor, the food, and the music all play hugely important roles in the ambiance you create at your wedding –  but what have you planned in terms of fun activities, aside from the basics?

We have gathered some fun ideas you can easily incorporate into your wedding – so read on if you are searching for inspiration.

  • S’more bar. This is the ultimate camping sweet treat – so if you are planning a mountain wedding, a s’more bar with a DIY twist will make everyone smile in an instant. Not only will guests appreciate the sweet treat itself (which, let’s admit it, everyone loves), but they will also appreciate the fact that you allow them to have some fun crafting their own s’mores. Well, OK, there will be no actual campfire – but even so, this dessert will definitely remind everyone of the last time they went away camping.
  • Name the table chefs. Nominate (or create an actual lottery contest for this) someone at each table to be the one to carve the meat. This is an excellent way to help guests at a wedding table break the ice and get to know each other a little before they jump right into the dances and the fun memories.
  • Run a Mr. and Mrs. quiz at each table. Stock up on trivia cards for each tables and ask questions related to you and your story. Collect all the answers towards the middle of the wedding reception and offer a small prize for those who managed to get the most correct answers. This will keep guests entertained between the meals and it will definitely generate some giggles!
  • Bring in an ice cream stall. This is perfect for a summer wedding – because what dessert could ever work better on a warm summer evening? An ice cream stall will bring up the child in each and every one of your guests!

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