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One of Gatlinburg’s top floral designers talks about wedding flowers.

What can you learn about wedding flowers by talking to one of Gatlinburg’s top floral designers? Quite a bit.

Gaynell Weeks has spent most of her life creating floral designs for brides, wedding venues, hotels and commercial events. If you’re planning a wedding Flowers of Gatlinburg is one of the top shops in the Smoky Mountains. Their creations are always stunning.

Portrait of the bridebridebridal bouquet in a boxBride standing in front of barn

Bride standing in front of a barn in winter wedding attire.

A couple of days ago I stopped by to ask her a few questions I thought might be helpful to our clients.

For a spring what wedding flowers would you suggest?

Tulips, dehlias, ranunculus, hydrangeas.. there aren’t really many flowers that can’t be ordered in the spring.

What about summer?

Pretty much the same except for peonies. We can get them in the summer but they’re much more expensive because they have to be ordered from either Canada or Holland. Also garden roses can be expensive because they’re grown by specialty growers. They’re in high demand because of their popularity on Pinterest.

But your average everyday flowers like carnations, callas, iris, daisies, astilbe can be ordered about anytime. If you want fresh succulents or lavender we just need more notice to get them.

What about fall and winter weddings?

Just about anything except for peonies. Those are about the only popular wedding flowers you can’t get year round now.

So if a bride comes in and just wants a beautiful bouquet what would you tell her?

I’d advise her to use a mixture of hydrangeas, roses, gerber daisies, tulips; just whatever their favorite flower is. Orchids take a special order and more time. Gardenias are very fragile and sometimes won’t make it through the day. Same with lilies of the valley. I’d stay away from those.

We just need to know what the colors are and then their favorite flowers. I advise brides to choose their colors early and the best first step is to pick out the bridesmaids’ dresses and buy them. Sometime you might pick the dresses for the bridesmaids but the style and size you can’t get so that will affect the colors for the wedding. So it’s best to contact the florist after you get those dresses.

Tell me about different kinds of wraps for bouquets?

These days with shabby chic in style it could be burlap or twine but typically the bridesmaids bouquets are wrapped in the color of the dress. The bride’s dress (typically) will be white or cream and I suggest they use the same color as the dress.

How did you learn so much about wedding flowers?

I’ve done just about everything in decorating and flowers. I have been doing everything in a flower shop for over 40 years; weddings,outdoor weddings, tent weddings, decorating malls and department stores for Christmas. We did the Backstreet Boy’s manager’s wedding at the Four Seasons in Atlanta. Also some really big weddings at the Art Institute. We’ve hung flowers from tent poles, strung tule with lights in it climbing ladders all the time… the reason I love Gatlinburg so much is because the wedding venues take care of all that so we can just concentrate on the flowers.

Any words of wisdom for a bride on picking out her flowers before the wedding?

Just make sure you get your colors right before you get with the florist or get a good wedding coordinator or find a great all-inclusive venue like Bluff Mountain Inn where they take care of everything for you.

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