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Faux Fur Wedding Accessories Are Stunning!

There’s nothing like fur to make a lady feel really fabulous and glamorous – especially on a day as special as her wedding. What happens when you are the kind of woman who dislikes cruelty and would do anything not to promote it in any way?

Well, quality faux fur can look equally stunning – and yes, you can totally wear it on your wedding day. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate lush faux fur into your winter wedding look:

  • A short faux fur jacket. Want to get a bit of coverage, stay warm, and still be fantastic as you walk down the aisle? Consider a short faux fur jacket – it will go amazingly well with a lot of types of dresses and it will definitely add a glamorous touch. Just what you need for your winter wedding!
  • A faux fur wrap. White or colored, a faux fur wrap will look timelessly elegant and opulent – just perfect for a bride who wants to make a real fashion statement as she walks down the aisle. Match it with a long, flowy dress for an effect that’s bound to wow each and every single one of your guests!
  • A white capelet. Looking for a sweet faux fur accessory that’s really trendy? Capelets have gained a lot of popularity this cold season, especially for brides! Coordinate yours with a white wedding dress, or if you want, a blush or nude-colored dress – the contrast will look absolutely stunning!


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