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Ed Sheeran Is Engaged! Here’s Everything We Know!

Everyone loves Ed Sheeran for the natural way he takes over the stages, for the sweet melody of his songs and for the deep, meaningful lyrics he always brings forward in his work. Did you know he’s definitely off the market starting with the beginning of 2018?

Yes, Ed Sheeran is engaged – and we have some of the most important things you should know about this celebrity love story. Read on and find out more!

  • The lucky girl is Ed Sheeran’s childhood sweetheart – which truly melts the hearts of everyone, precisely because it adds a very special layer of sweetness over their entire love story.
  • It’s not certain when the proposal was made, but the announcement was made at the beginning of 2018 – and no, nobody knows the wedding date just yet.
  • Rumors say Ed Sheeran plans on building a small 28-person chapel in his own backyard, so there’s a pretty big chance the couple will choose to stay intimate and far from the public eye, just as they’ve done throughout their entire relationship. Isn’t that absolutely adorable?
  • Some say the couple already got married, but that has been since confirmed to be untrue. The reason this rumor started to catch fire is related to the ring people have noticed on Ed Sheeran’s third finger (on the left hand). However, he has since confirmed that the ring he’s wearing is an engagement ring (yes, you read that right!), proving, once again, that he truly is an incurable romantic!


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