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Do You Know Who Is Supposed to Pay for the Bachelorette Party?

Your wedding is one of the happiest events of your life – and one of the grandest as well. Yet, all the pre-wedding events are very important too – so it’s only natural that you want those to be perfect from every point of view as well.

Of course, you want to make sure etiquette is closely followed when it comes to all these pre-wedding parties – but do you know how to deal with the bachelorette party costs? Who pays for that, actually?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • In general, each of the participants in a bachelorette party is expected to pay for her airfare, for her accommodation, and for their dinner/drinks/ etc. The bride should be paying for the transportation and accommodation, but generally speaking, it is expected that all of the other activities she engages in during the bachelorette party will be paid by the group of guests.
  • Depending on where the bachelorette party takes place and what is included, this can amount to pretty serious amounts of money. Since the Maid of Honor is the one planning this, you might want to discuss with her and ask her to choose a cost-effective option everyone can afford, especially if you’re concerned about the other guests/ bridesmaids spending too much for the pre-wedding fun.
  • Some of the best alternatives include house parties, restaurant dinners in town, girls’ night out, barbecue parties, or other fun activities that don’t necessarily involve a lot of transportation and accommodation (except for those guests who might come from out of town).
  • Being considerate about your bridesmaids’ spending is an excellent way of showing them you care about them and that you are thankful for the support they’ve offered you. You could also extend these principles to their dresses as well, and choose gowns that aren’t very expensive (and, maybe even more importantly, dresses that can be worn on other occasions as well, as this will definitely make the bridesmaids happy).


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