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Best Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are very, very important. They are the ones who will be right there, by your side, at the altar. The ones that will announce your entrance down the aisle. The ones who will help you send the invitations, as well as the Thank You notes.

How to choose your bridesmaids? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t think numbers. Old wedding etiquette said there has to be a particular number of bridesmaids for the number of the guests. However, this doesn’t stand true anymore. The same happened to Maid of Honors too (you can have two of them, they don’t have to be unmarried, or even women for that matter).
  • DO take availability into consideration. If one of the proposed-to-bridesmaids says she won’t be able to be very involved in the wedding planning, consider this. Are you OK with it, or do you want all of your bridesmaids to be fully involved in planning? If you’re not OK, talk to your friend about this.
  • Don’t feel obliged to add anyone to your wedding party. If they are a relative and if your mom or his mom insists on it, you might want to consider it at least. If you know your mom or his mom would get really upset over this, try to add that person to your bridal party (if not as a bridesmaid, then at least as an usher, wedding ceremony reader, and so on.


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