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5 Things to Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer Before the Big Day

Wedding Photographer

Once you find that perfect wedding photographer who matches your style and uniqueness, here are 5 things to discuss with your photographer before the Big Day:


If your wedding is going to have a unique theme, let the wedding photographer know! This way they can do their homework to come up with some one-of-a-kind portraits. It is a great idea to bring some props that matches your personalities.


Timing is very important on wedding day. It is a great idea to let your photographer know what time your hair and make up start and end, the time guests start to arrive, etc. This will help the photographer strategically plan their day for portraits and family photos.

Your Ideas

You have more than likely chosen this particular photographer because you love their style, but it doesn’t hurt to give them some of your ideas. Photographers are more than happy make your ideas pop with their own creative style. Sometimes photographers are even willing to go off-site to get that cool shot you want so badly!

Family and Friend Dynamics

Let the photographer know what family and friends will be there; and also what specific family members and friends you want photos with. This will help them map out the style and time for family portraits. Sometimes with the broad family dynamics, some people chose to not have their photo taken with others. It is a good idea to let the photographer know ahead a time to avoid any awkward situations when calling family up for photos. Better yet, have a list of family photo combinations for your photographer.

Packages and Contracts

More than likely, your professional photographer has a couple of packages to choose from. This topic of conversation is also a good time to ask about the rights to the photos and to find out where some of the best photo labs are. You will probably have to sign a contract with the photographer, but this is to not only protect the photographer, but you as well!

Now that you have discussed your wedding day with the photographer, it is very important that you feel a connection with them. After all, you will be seeing the photographer more than any other vendor!
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