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4 Questions to Ask before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Booking the perfect wedding venue in Sevierville is one of the single most important steps of the wedding planning process. In fact, this step is SO important that it can literally make or break the entire event.

Of course, you have a bunch of criteria in mind as to how your chosen wedding venue should look like – but once you have found something to suit that criteria, do you know what questions to ask to make sure everything is in order?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more about the top questions to ask before booking your wedding venue.

  • What is included in the price they’re asking for their services? Depending on the wedding venue, the services may include just the wedding reception room, or other elements as well (ceremony site, cleaning service, and so on). Even more, how many hours will you pay for?
  • Will your wedding be the only one taking place on the property? Bumping into other brides (or worse, discovering that your guests have gotten lost among other brides and grooms’ Big Days) can be pretty awkward and uncomfortable. So, it’s better to be prepared, just in case.
  • Is there anything you are not allowed to do? Again, this varies a lot from one wedding venue to another – but, for example, there are venues that don’t allow candles as part of the wedding décor. Also, some venues don’t allow external wedding vendors (specifically when it comes to the catering). Ask about the things you’re not allowed to do and make sure you are comfortable with them.
  • Is the venue accessibility-friendly? This can easily escape your mind, but it is quite likely that you will have guests who just can’t move around very easily (i.e. your grandmother, for example). Ask your venue about their accessibility if you want to make sure all of your wedding guests feel amazing!
  • Is there any kind of restriction connected to the music and its loudness? Depending on the state and on where the venue is located, you might find that you won’t be able to turn up the volume too loud after a certain hour. Be sure you know what time that happens!


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