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Tennessee is one of those places that happens to enjoy the best of all four seasons. Spring is when plants and flowers bloom and warming temperatures give an overall feeling of change. The warm light rays and the sweet air of summer appeal to lots of couples, plus it is holiday season so a lot of your guests can make time out to come.

Tennessee is a beauty to behold in the fall with brilliant foliage making the mountains come alive in a cacophony of colors. The winters of Tennessee add chilly but mild with temperatures that are perfect to create a winter wonderland if you desire, but with none of the dangerous blizzards associated with winter in other states.

  • Fall

If you ask us what season we would call the best for weddings in Tennessee, we’d choose fall. You could do your ceremony in September which marks the end of the summer’s heat but is still warm. The Labor Day weekend can make it convenient for your guest’s schedules. Just make sure to book your vendors early enough because fall is a popular wedding season in Tennessee.

  • An October Wedding

An October wedding will gift you with cooling temperatures and those beautiful colors that you desire. Your wedding is sure to be fun and exciting.

  • A November Wedding

November in Tennessee means the best atmosphere for outdoor wedding photos. You should, however, hold your wedding ceremony indoors and plan a starting time before 4 pm because daylight savings mean that the sun sets around 4:40 pm.

  • Our Location

If you’d also want to know our location choice when it comes to weddings in Tennessee, we’d suggest Bluff Mountain Inn. Hidden in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, our location is sure to give your wedding that classy elegant feel. From your wedding ceremony itself to your photographs, Bluff Mountain Inn has got you covered, because we are professionals with lots of years of experience. If you want to have the perfect wedding in Tennessee, Bluff Mountain Inn is the location for you.

Planning to have your wedding in Sevierville? Bluff Mountain Inn is the right location for it. Contact us to check available dates and let us help you have a wedding to remember for all the right reasons.

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Wedding planning can be a difficult task. You’ve just gotten engaged and it’s almost like you don’t even have time to enjoy the feeling. You suddenly have to plan for catering, the number of guests, photography, fashion and lot’s more. It’s even worse if you’re pressed for time and have to do your ceremony soon. Also of great importance is where you host your wedding, and you can’t find a better site than Bluff Mountain Inn located in Sevierville, Tennessee. As for handling your other wedding plans,  here are a few tips to help make everything stress-free:

  • Hire an efficient & experienced wedding planner:

This will take a whole bulk of work off your shoulders. An efficient and experienced wedding planner can take so much off your hands that it is almost as if all you have to do is show up on your wedding day and get married. They can handle from the wedding location to theme, vendors, photography and even the cake. All you have to do is have a sit down with your planner, alongside your spouse, and give them the idea that you have for your wedding. There is also the added advantage that since the wedding planner is experienced, they know the best vendors, so you are less likely to be disappointed.

  • Try a destination wedding:

Destination weddings are a great way to do away with all the excessive planning involved in a wedding. Just choose a location that you and your spouse both love and give them a call.

Most locations offer a wedding package that is hard to beat and all-inclusive. You can even make a weekend out of your wedding activities as most destination wedding locations usually have accommodation and space for all other wedding events nearby.

Bluff Mountain Inn is a great location for your destination wedding. We are located in Sevierville and our owners are a professional, experienced photographer and an experienced professional wedding planner. You are sure to not only get a great location; mountain beauty, a canopy woodland, and wandering streams, but you can also be assured that everything from the accommodations to the wedding packages will be of topmost quality.

Bluff Mountain Inn is the right place for your destination wedding in Sevierville. Contact us today.

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The best man’s speech is one part of the wedding reception that guests have come to look out for. This is because it can go either of two ways: extremely amazing or extremely embarrassing. With either of the two ways, there is usually some scandalous story in there that picks up the tempo of the reception. We personally would like you to give an extremely amazing best man’s speech, so we’ve put together some general tips that could help.

• Avoid Too Much Drinking
Yes, we know it’s a wedding reception and you’ll be tempted because you’re a little nervous, but trust us when we say that too much drinking will not help at all. For one thing, the more you drink, the more likely you are to slur your words. What’s a speech if your audience can’t understand a word of what you’re saying? A better way to go about relaxing yourself is to take off your shoes or lessen your tie a bit.

• Be Concise
The longer you go on talking for, the more inclined you are to ramble. Your audience might even get bored and lose interest. Keep your speech concise and a couple of jokes thrown in will not hurt.

• Speaking About Jokes
Jokes are fun and a good way to make your speech interesting. Just remember that it’s the wedding couple’s big day and the goal is not to embarrass them. You do not want to be the best man that ruined the wedding day for the couple.

• Watch Your Language
A wedding reception is usually full of both family and friends of the bride and the groom. Your speech is not the time to throw in words that you do not understand. Especially if those words are in a language that you are not familiar with. Swear words are also not a good idea as they will only end up making a bad impression of you.

• Prepare
Yes, prepare. It might be the best man’s speech, but going there to say things off the top of your head is bound to produce an extreme fail! Use flashcards if necessary, but a little improvising here and there won’t hurt either.

Bluff Mountain Inn is the best location for your wedding in Sevierville. We offer amazing wedding services and would find it an honor to host you on your special day. We can also help with the planning for your event so contact us right now.

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One great thing about weddings is, there are so many ways you can celebrate them. Weddings are as wonderful as they are diverse, so you can even borrow from other cultures or ancient traditions. It’s your day, and no one has a say in the matter like no one else has.



Jumping the Broom

The broom has always been used to represent the strength that comes with unity and togetherness. Jumping the broom at the wedding is a tradition believed to be from Africa. The idea is you’re supposed to portray the start of a new life by sweeping away your old, single lives. It also a sign that you’re embarking on a new path and leaving behind your former worries and problems.

Jumping the broom is still practiced in some African countries today and an advantage is that you can always keep the broom as a design piece in their new home. The broom jumping can be done after the wedding ceremony on the way to the reception.

Something Old, Something New

Believed to have originated from Lancashire and dating back to the 1800s, the sixpence mentioned resides in the bride’s left shoe to show prosperity. So, if you’re the bride, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Doing that is also a way to ward off evil from your rejected suitors.

Something old is also expected to bring protection to your future baby. Something new represents enthusiasm for the new life you and your spouse will begin. Something borrowed was to be gotten from a woman in a long, happy marriage so it reflects on your marriage too. While something blue represents fidelity and loyalty, which are necessary for any marriage to succeed, includ8ng yours

Something old and new could both be jewelry-a necklace or bracelet. Something borrowed could still be jewelry too, or perhaps a veil. Something blue is usually a small blue ribbon sewn into the insides of your dress.

Throwing Rice

A tradition believed to have been started by the Ancient Romans, the rice you’ll be flinging all over the place is meant to signify showers of rain, which in turn denotes good fortune, prosperity and blessings for you and your spouse. It also represents fertility.

You can have the rice thrown as you exit the wedding ceremony or as you leave the reception on your way to your honeymoon.

Pick any out of these three that really appeals to you or find a way to incorporate them all into your marriage ceremony. Bringing tradition into your wedding ceremony is a great way to go out of the norm and make your wedding day special, meaningful and unique.

If you are yet to book a wedding location in Sevierville, contact Bluff Mountain Inn. The location will delight you and the service will ensure that you never regret choosing it as your wedding venue.

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Most times when people hear or read about destination weddings, cost is one of the things that they immediately place among the cons. But does a destination wedding really mean huge costs? We don’t think so and here’s why:

First of all, a destination wedding could be a great way to have all the events concerned with your wedding in one location. Your bridal shower, Bachelorette party, wedding ceremony, wedding reception and honeymoon. Most destination wedding locations offer an all-inclusive package that could even include flowers, music and the wedding cake!
This is a great way to avoid all the excessive coordination and phone calls/email reminders you’d have to do for each of those events separately.

You can also save on destination weddings by booking way ahead of time. If your wedding is on short notice however, destination weddings are also a great idea because most locations have everything already in place and also offer free planning. What’s more, a destination wedding can also help with your bogus guest list because you’d be more inclined to invite family and friends most important to you.
So, a recap of all you’ve just cut out of your personal wedding planning: Finding the right location for your bridal shower, a wedding location, a reception venue, a honeymoon location, a caterer, a flower vendor, the nightmarish logistics involved with a bogus guest list, the transportation plans for each of the events involved in your wedding, the accommodation plans you’d have to make if your events were at separate locations and on different days, etc. Like the destination wedding alternative already?

Now to more obvious savings. From airlines to hotels, most locations are always ready to bargain where groups are involved. Airlines are known to give huge discounts on group traveling even though they may not all be from the same location. Some resorts are even known to throw in a free wedding depending on the number of guests that book rooms together!

Don’t forget the aesthetics involved with destination weddings. Crystal blue waters, white sands or breath-taking mountain views depending on where you choose, you can take your time to choose a location you and your spouse love.
So, quality time to kick back and relax with those you cherish, less planning for you to do, huge savings and an amazing location which is sure to look great in all your wedding pictures, we can agree that what you do need, is a destination wedding.
Looking for a great location for your destination wedding in Sevierville? Contact Bluff Mountain Inn for a great location, all-inclusive event planning and once in a lifetime photographic experience.

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