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Most brides and grooms opt for a childless occasion because having kids at your wedding can sometimes be a little stressful. If you, however, have kids yourself and want to include them or you’re thinking of your family and friends who can’t leave their kids out, here are some tips from us at Bluff Mountain Inn on how to have a kid-friendly wedding.

  • Include It In Your Invites

Be specific about the fact that your guests are allowed to come with their kids. Parents usually want to know as soon as possible, so be sure to include a note specifically saying so alongside your invitations. If you have an age minimum, it’s okay to kindly ask parents not to bring babies or toddlers, you should include that as well.

  • Practice With Your Wedding Party Kids

If you are including kids in your wedding party in positions like flower girls or ring bearers, make sure to practice what they should do at the ceremony with them more than once. You do not want them getting out of order and messing things up. Treat it as if you are giving them an extra responsibility so that they feel important and take it seriously.

  • Give The Kids Their Own Space

This will help to keep them occupied and avoid cranky crying kids. Get a side room to use as a quiet space and if you can afford it, hire a nanny or two to give the parents a welcome break. You can also hand out goody bags with snacks and toys to keep them occupied. Puzzles, coloring books, books and games for kids are also a great idea.

  • Include Kid’s Meals

While talking to your caterer, inform them that your wedding ceremony will be kid-friendly, so you will be needing some options for kids. A kid-friendly wedding menu can include favorites like hot dogs or Mac and cheese. Just make sure that you first check with parents about any food allergies. Soft drinks and juices should also be in your options.

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One of the trends that we love at the moment is the rustic wedding trend. This theme is perfect for couples who want a nature-filled wedding. From the outfits to the venue, here are the tips that we at Bluff Mountain Inn have put together to help you successfully plan your rustic wedding in Tennessee.

  • Consider Non-Traditional Flowers

Try locally grown greenery or a mix of colorful wildflowers to achieve the ultimate rustic feel at your wedding. When it comes to securing your blooms, rather than holding your bouquet together with a silk ribbon, consider burlap or letting the stems go bare. Also, do not forget to do the same with your centerpieces, opting for just a few flower stems or greens in short vases should do the trick.

  • Your Attires And Accessories

Wedding wears are a vital part of your rustic wedding theme. The plan is to go a little more casual than normal weddings so there is an opportunity for you to have a lot of fun looks. Don cowboy hats, denim and choose earthy hues for your dresses. You as the bride and groom can still go with the traditional wedding dress and black tux.

  • Your Decorations

Your decorations are a great way to bring your rustic wedding to life. Try burlap and mason jars with candles and twinkling lights to illuminate dinner and dancing. You can also use chalkboards to show what’s for dinner, the timing of your ceremony or your beautiful love story and thanks for your guests. Whatever decor ideas you go with should complement your rustic theme.

  • Your Location

For a full-on rustic wedding, consider hosting your celebration in a barn. We have just the barn for you at Bluff Mountain Inn. It is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and can accommodate seating, dining, and dancing for 150 guests. With open-air windows on 3 sides, the unique place is the perfect combination of indoors and nature that you need for your perfect rustic wedding. Bluff Mountain Inn is located in Sevierville, Tennessee and has great facilities to make your wedding a success. Why not give us a call today?

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Game of Thrones has been a big part of our culture for almost a decade. This was chronicled by the fact that the show won some Grammys in the just concluded 2019 edition. A great way to make your wedding unique is to choose the Game of Thrones theme as the theme for your wedding. Our venue here at Bluff Mountain Inn would greatly complement your Game of Thrones wedding theme and whatever other ideas you might have in mind. We’re located in Sevierville, Tennessee and are ready to work with you to achieve your dream wedding. If you have decided to have a Game of Thrones-themed wedding, you can incorporate any of the following towards making your event, a success.

  • Your vows

You can promise your partner that you are theirs and they are yours just as was sworn during weddings in Game of Thrones. These are great words to incorporate into your wedding vows. You may have to avoid the beginning of the famous Game of Thrones wedding vow because of religious differences, but the ending is a perfect finishing to the ending of whatever personal vows you have written.

  • Your Setting

There are so many ways to have fun with the setting of your wedding receptions to achieve the Game of Thrones theme. You can name your tables after locations, characters or the great houses. Candles will be a perfect decoration addition, which can help you save on the light bill and when it comes to your flowers, think rustic, romantic and understated.

  • Your Location

When it comes to your location, you will, of course, have to choose an outdoor location to get the perfect Game of Thrones feeling at your wedding. Our venue has a beautiful outdoor location that you can use as a backdrop to perfect your theme. You can also custom decorate our rustic reception pavilion which has an extended stage for a DJ and a beautiful vintage chandelier-lit dance floor.

With all these in mind, why not call us and set a visit to see how we can help you achieve your dream wedding Sevierville, Tennessee? Bluff Mountain Inn is the perfect location for your wedding.

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Tennessee is one of those places that happens to enjoy the best of all four seasons. Spring is when plants and flowers bloom and warming temperatures give an overall feeling of change. The warm light rays and the sweet air of summer appeal to lots of couples, plus it is holiday season so a lot of your guests can make time out to come.

Tennessee is a beauty to behold in the fall with brilliant foliage making the mountains come alive in a cacophony of colors. The winters of Tennessee add chilly but mild with temperatures that are perfect to create a winter wonderland if you desire, but with none of the dangerous blizzards associated with winter in other states.

  • Fall

If you ask us what season we would call the best for weddings in Tennessee, we’d choose fall. You could do your ceremony in September which marks the end of the summer’s heat but is still warm. The Labor Day weekend can make it convenient for your guest’s schedules. Just make sure to book your vendors early enough because fall is a popular wedding season in Tennessee.

  • An October Wedding

An October wedding will gift you with cooling temperatures and those beautiful colors that you desire. Your wedding is sure to be fun and exciting.

  • A November Wedding

November in Tennessee means the best atmosphere for outdoor wedding photos. You should, however, hold your wedding ceremony indoors and plan a starting time before 4 pm because daylight savings mean that the sun sets around 4:40 pm.

  • Our Location

If you’d also want to know our location choice when it comes to weddings in Tennessee, we’d suggest Bluff Mountain Inn. Hidden in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, our location is sure to give your wedding that classy elegant feel. From your wedding ceremony itself to your photographs, Bluff Mountain Inn has got you covered, because we are professionals with lots of years of experience. If you want to have the perfect wedding in Tennessee, Bluff Mountain Inn is the location for you.

Planning to have your wedding in Sevierville? Bluff Mountain Inn is the right location for it. Contact us to check available dates and let us help you have a wedding to remember for all the right reasons.

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Wedding planning can be a difficult task. You’ve just gotten engaged and it’s almost like you don’t even have time to enjoy the feeling. You suddenly have to plan for catering, the number of guests, photography, fashion and lot’s more. It’s even worse if you’re pressed for time and have to do your ceremony soon. Also of great importance is where you host your wedding, and you can’t find a better site than Bluff Mountain Inn located in Sevierville, Tennessee. As for handling your other wedding plans,  here are a few tips to help make everything stress-free:

  • Hire an efficient & experienced wedding planner:

This will take a whole bulk of work off your shoulders. An efficient and experienced wedding planner can take so much off your hands that it is almost as if all you have to do is show up on your wedding day and get married. They can handle from the wedding location to theme, vendors, photography and even the cake. All you have to do is have a sit down with your planner, alongside your spouse, and give them the idea that you have for your wedding. There is also the added advantage that since the wedding planner is experienced, they know the best vendors, so you are less likely to be disappointed.

  • Try a destination wedding:

Destination weddings are a great way to do away with all the excessive planning involved in a wedding. Just choose a location that you and your spouse both love and give them a call.

Most locations offer a wedding package that is hard to beat and all-inclusive. You can even make a weekend out of your wedding activities as most destination wedding locations usually have accommodation and space for all other wedding events nearby.

Bluff Mountain Inn is a great location for your destination wedding. We are located in Sevierville and our owners are a professional, experienced photographer and an experienced professional wedding planner. You are sure to not only get a great location; mountain beauty, a canopy woodland, and wandering streams, but you can also be assured that everything from the accommodations to the wedding packages will be of topmost quality.

Bluff Mountain Inn is the right place for your destination wedding in Sevierville. Contact us today.

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